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Instant Sync, Flawless Recognition

Write, sketch, or jot down formulas – XNote understands them all, syncing effortlessly with your digital devices.

Converse with Your Notes

XNote doesn't just store your notes; it interacts with them. Ask questions, get summaries, and discuss your ideas as if your notebook were another team member.

Product details

Box Contents
  • 1 XNote Smart Pen
  • 1 XNote Dotted Notebook
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 5x D1 Ink Refills
Technical Specs
  • Connection:
    Bluetooth 4.2 (Classic/BLE) for reliable, low-energy connectivity
  • Battery and Charging:
    Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, 280mAh capacity
    Charging Time: Approximately 90 minutes for a full charge
    Usage Time: Up to 17 hours for typical writing
  • Dimensions & Weight
    Length: 149.6mm (without pen cap)
    Thickness: 10.4~10.9mm
    Weight: 17.6g (without pen cap)
    Additional Specifications
  • Ink Refills: Standard D1 type

From Scribbles to Pixels

See your sketches and diagrams leap from page to app with clarity that goes beyond the ordinary. The XNote doesn’t just recognize text; it understands shapes, diagrams, math formulas, and more. Our AI reads the whole page, interpreting the full context, not just characters. Whether it’s a quick doodle or a complex flowchart, XNote captures your vision with precision, ready for you to edit, share, or query within the app.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

How does the pen work?

The smart pen is equipped with sensors that detect its movement on the specially-patterned pages of the XNote notebook. These movements are then digitally recorded and transferred in real-time to the app via Bluetooth, turning your handwritten notes into digital format.

How does AI help in Note?

AI streamlines your notes by turning handwritten content into digital text, smart task detection, auto-tagging, summarizing content, and enabling interactive searches within your notes.

What happens if my notebook runs out of pages?

Our notebook replacements are priced competitively with similar products, enabling you to effortlessly swap out your notebook while still enjoying the benefits of the smart pen.

How many languages does XNote support?
  • XNote supports more than 50+ languages.

English, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Persian, Cantonese, Greek, Polish, Hindi, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Czech, Hebrew, Slovak, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Estonian, Gujarati, Bengali, Ukrainian, Romanian, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Icelandic, Thai, Malayalam, Tamil, Malay, Swahili, Maori, Welsh, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali, Galician,

What happens when the ballpoint ink runs out?

The pen is a ballpoint pen and comes with a replacement D1 refill included in the package. Should the ink deplete, it can easily be replaced with the provided refill, ensuring continuous use without disruptions.

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